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Valve Steam Controller Black Seat Turbo Diesel + Gas Engine Tuning 30%

Valve Steam Controller Black Seat Turbo Diesel + Gas Engine Tuning 30%

Valve Steam Controller Black Seat Turbo Diesel + Gas Engine Tuning 30%   Valve Steam Controller Black Seat Turbo Diesel + Gas Engine Tuning 30%
Steam valve seat controller black turbo diesel + petrol engine tuning + 30%. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Controller Manual Boost steam wheel for vehicles with charger. 1x steam wheel and brief instructions in German with photos. 1 Universal Manual steam wheel for cars with petrol and diesel with turbocharger td charger, gtd, atl / vtg / vnt, garret, twin-turbo etc. With the new models tdi + 1.8t etc. May need the cards are changed via the setting of the chips, or a higher max. Boost pressure is entered in the card, monitor the boost pressure is off. Therefore, double adjustment of the chip and steam wheel! For others, the injection quantity can be increased slightly (by screwing) at the injector nozzle, to increase the effect of the steam wheel. Steam wheel is connected between the charger pressure side and the pressure cell with the pressure pipe. Individually adjust the steam wheel performance.

A more aggressive response behavior and performance. Setting manual `chip' for turbo engines. The turbocharger has a bypass valve (dump valve), the valve can open and the flow of exhaust gas bypasses the turbine side of the exhaust gas. To do this, it is controlled by a pressure cell, which in turn is responsible directly with the boost pressure.

If the supercharge pressure reaches the set point, the apparatus opens and lets the exhaust gas in the turbine. Therefore, it avoids any increase in pressure load! The trick on steam wheel is that you claim that the pressure may be less than what is actually present. Monitoring: the bypass valve (wastegate) opens later, the pressure drop increases! There is a hole on the way to the pressure cell, where a certain pressure is released by an adjustable throttle, the \Steam wheel can also be installed on the dashboard, for example, so that the desired boost pressure and increased can be adjusted while driving. More power also means more fuel consumption when more power is required. When driving normally as usual, fuel consumption is not increased but remains as usual.

Since the boost pressure is substantially increased, it is recommended to install a boost pressure indicator (also available in our shop) to increase the max. Do not permanently exceed the boost pressure.

With more performance, the engine still sets hot and not endless full gas to avoid overheating! Here, you can bid for 1 manual boost controller. Up to 30% or more, more power. Fits and works for all petrol and diesel turbocharged engines such as td tds, garret, TCT, and vtg vnt.

With tdi, you must optimize your smart card and disable the turbo boost controller or leave better turbo boost in the card. With this boost controller and manual tdi, you get 2 points of performance.

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LED Range info: LED range. The item \chip tuning \ valves, springs, kits \ This article can be shipped worldwide.

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    Valve Steam Controller Black Seat Turbo Diesel + Gas Engine Tuning 30%   Valve Steam Controller Black Seat Turbo Diesel + Gas Engine Tuning 30%